Buldecor is a leading Bulgarian furniture company, established in 1994. The company’s services are specialized in the production, delivery and installation of furniture for retail spaces with a focus on fashion boutiques, chain stores and hypermarkets. We also realize projects in the food retail and the hospitality sector.
Today the company employs 200 highly skilled professionals. Its production capacity is 14 000 sq. metres of wood and metal-processing facilities and equipment. Currently, the company’s export for the EU markets has reached 30% of the annual turnover, with a tendency of steady growth.
Our work is based on a number of principles and values – understanding of our clients’ needs, professionalism, creative thinking, love of beauty and aesthetics.
The company’s basic activities are structured as follows: Sales Department, Technical Development, Production, Logistics, Installation, After-Sales Service. The quality of our work is ensured through the perfect coordination between the separate departments, offering the clients top-level service.
Our quality fulfills the highest demands of our clients – all materials have been tested and certified according to EU standards, and the company is a holder of ISO 9001 certificate.